Service Advantages

At APWDS we believe we set ourselves apart from our competitors through engaging with our customers and providing a genuine partnership.

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Personalised, professional and customised service

APWDS is  a  family owned  and  operated  business  that  places  particular  emphasis  on providing a professional personalised service that meets our customer’s changing needs. Our  ability  to  provide  a  flexible  and  customised  service  is  evidenced  in  the  strong relationships with our customers.

Occupational Health Safety & Environment

APWDS is  proud  of  our  high  retention  rates  through  ongoing  training,  mentoring  and career pathways. APWDS’s strength is its people; their capability, their flexibility and their commitment.  Our  Staff  are  cross-trained  and  can  be  assigned  to  cover  short  term requirements, projects, assignments and other events.

Food Sector Capability

APWDS has  considerable  experience  in  the  handling  and  storage  of  a  range  of  Food products. We have been providing these services for a major multinational company and comply  with  both  local  and  international  standards.  In  addition, we  provide  import  and export  services  to  our  customers  in  addition  to  meeting  their  domestic  fulfilment requirements.

Continuous Improvement

Our  management  systems ensures  all  incidents  are  logged  and  allow  information  to  be collected from a number of sources, which  is then resolved and corrective action taken. Each incident can be traced by ‘customer’ or ‘incident’ and is monitored. From an internal perspective, this assists  in managing and monitoring our  services to our customers  and providing them with key metrics to measure the performance of their supply chains.


APWDS provides a suite of interfaces that support integration with our core systems and suit  both  small  and  large  customers  depending  on  their  information  needs.  Our web-based facilities  allow  visibility of order  status,  stock  holding,  access to Proof of Delivery and a number of reports. The access  provides seamless communication and  visibility to distribution activity and makes APWDS a true extension of your business.