Services Offered

Inbound and Outbound Logistics

With the unprecedented increase in global sourcing, there is an increasing dependency of supply  chains  on  the  reliability  of  transportation  networks  as  more  companies  seek  to achieve higher stock turns and adopt ‘quick response’ techniques to handle sales orders.

•   For  importers, we provide  services  from  the moment  their  goods  arrive  at  an  Australian port, right up to delivery to the customer (end user).
•   For  exporters,  we are  able  to  provide  a  comprehensive  package  from  the  moment goods  are  manufactured  at  the  end  of  the  production  line,  through  to  storage, consolidation and delivery to the wharf.


Container Wharf Cartage and Storage

SuniAPWDS has a strong partnership with specialist Customs House and wharf transport carriers to provide Customs Clearance and wharf cartage  and  ancillary  services.  Our  current  operations  are  capable  of  pre-receiving containers, container yard storage, fumigation and quarantine services.  We also have access  to  a range  of  specialised  transport  equipment,  including  low profile  retractable trailers and side-loaders.

Specialised Materials Handling

SuniAPWDS can  provide  a  range  of  specialised  equipment,  including  forklifts  with  various attachments  ensuring  that  virtually  any  commodity  can  be  handled.  This  includes  slip-sheet  attachments,  pallet  inverters,  stretch-wrap  machines,  etc.  Our warehouse utilises state of the art equipment including reach trucks, order pickers and hoists. All personnel are highly trained, qualified, Licensed and experienced in the use of the equipment.



SuniAPWDS can provide selective pallet racking or block stack storage solutions. In addition, we  are  able  to  provide  specialised  equipment  such  as  carton  live  storage  and  flow through solutions depending on your requirements. We  are  proud  of  the  presentation  of  our  warehouse  and  the  products  we  handle  and ensure that general housekeeping principles are instilled in our staff. We conduct regular ‘in-house’ audits to ensure our facilities are always maintained to the highest standards.


Managed Transport Solutions

SuniAPWDS currently  provides  and  manages  transport  services  for  our  customers  and assume  complete  responsibility  for  inbound  and  outbound  transport  services.  This provides  our  customers  with  a  comprehensive suite  of  logistics  services. We employ  a freight  management  system  to  manage,  track  and  report  freight  movements,  which  is accessible online for full proof of delivery and other reports.


Value-Add Capabilities

We operate from purpose designed facilities that are selected to enable us to provide our customers with a customised distribution solution that will grow with their business. A few of our featured services are as follows:

   · Project development and planning (from initial design to implementation and execution)

   · Dedicated and multi-client warehouse facilities and management

   · Complete e-commerce support package

   · Multiple cross-dock scenarios, such as back order management and ‘flow through’

   · Multiple storage strategies i.e. space/time optimisation,  product  velocity,      consolidation criteria, proximity to pick zone, etc

   · Retail industry compliant scan packing

   · Unit and bulk pick processing

   · Comprehensive reverse logistics processes

   · Product recall

   · Lead Logistics Provider