Information Technology

In relation to Information Systems, APWDS provides a suite of interfaces that support integration with core systems and suit both small and large customers depending on their level of technical sophistication and information needs.

Features of our  Warehouse Management System (WMS) include:

· Advanced Warehouse Management Module

· Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Module that handles most file formats

· Scan Packing Module, including Advance Shipment Notification


· Advance Report Writing Tool - customised reports and KPI’s via e-mail.

Our online services can be accessed through the web and provide ‘real time’ visibility of order status, access Proof of Delivery and a number of reports. A web-based login to our system allows customers to enquire on stock holdings, track orders and receipts.


The online facility allows live access to a range of information, including:

· Product and Stock Enquires —Customers can view stock holdings by product, including the lot or serial number.

· Order  Enquiry  – Customers  can  view  the  order status,  whether  it  is  being  picked or despatched and also shows the product line per order

· Receipt Enquiry – View inbound products in real time

WMS Capability

Sample screens showing some key features and capabilities are shown below. Set Product Parameters

- Product Shelf Life Control by ‘Expiry’ of ‘Best By’ <= Please click here to see

- RF Controlled order picking eliminates picking errors <= Please click here to see

- Product Batch Tracking <= Please click here to see

- Order Tracking by SSCC or Serial Number <= Please click here to see